teacher appreciation week gifts: chicken wire frames

This was a last minute thing…I had originally intended to just make myself a jewelry organizer but when I went out to the shed I realized that I had a little stock pile of frames from the junk shops not just the one I was going to use for my jewelry project. I decided that I needed to use all the frames up and since it is teacher appreciation week they became gifts! Best part is they were 100% free!

First, I removed the glass; pulled out the staples that were holding the frame backs together with a pair of pliers; and wiped down the frames.

Then I found some fun colors in our spray paint stash and sprayed the frames with 4 super thin coats. *The blue is Rust-oleum satin in Lagoon, green is Krylon satin in Pistachio, yellow is Rust-oleum satin in Summer Squash, and the red is Rust-oleum satin in Paprika. My husband’s truck was the perfect drying rack.

The next day I pulled out the roll of chicken wire and cut one piece of chicken wire that would fit the frames. I quickly realized that I wouldn’t be able to get the wire as I tight as I wanted then Micah reminded me that when we made the big chicken wire bulletin board for my classroom a few years back that we pulled the wire tight over the back, stapled, and then trimmed. Thanks honey! While I made dinner he quick stapled the wire on my frames.
After the frames were all trimmed up, I put globs of hot glue on the ends of each wire. This will protect the wall and your fingers from getting poked.

I was going have some of those super cute teacher appreciation printables printed up at Costco but I was really into making this whole project for free so I used these large tag cards I had in my card stash (gosh I sound like a hoarder don’t I!?!) for art. Gray wanted to write his own so he did. Ash didn’t but knew what he wanted the tags to say. Kell is too little so I just decided for him. (We made one for his therapist since she’s kind of like his teacher and she’s amazing and we love her!)
I typed up and printed out Best TEACHER In the WORLD! and GRACIAS THANK YOU MERCI using Jenny Sue & Bebas Neue fonts. Then I took a piece of transfer paper (you need to have some of this because it’s awesome for things like this and you can reuse the paper over and over!) and transferred the sayings on to the tags.

Here they are all traced and ready to be gone over with a black pen. *See that black bejeweled pencil!?! It’s a Kim Kardashian pencil that my friend Autumn brought me from a trip she took. In fact she brought all of us girls a pencil each with one of the sister’s names on it and it’s my favorite pencil. I feel so glamorous when I use it.

I used a black sharpie to trace the letters and color the block letters in.

I put a strip of washi tape (my first time ever using washi tape! I know…a little late but late is better than never, right!?!) on a clothespin for each frame. Then I pinned the tag on the chicken wire. I think they turned out super cute and I would have loved to get one when I was teaching.

Here’s my jewelry organizer! I sprayed this one with high temperature engine metallic spray in Titanium Silver Blue because I really liked the color.


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