ping pong target practice

This weekend Ash had two birthday parties to go to so that meant we needed to come up with two gifts, but what to give!?! Legos are always a crowd favorite but it is hard to know what sets kids have (although mine never mind a repeat). I wanted to give something that they probably wouldn’t already have and something that they could play outside with since we are having some pretty nice weather here in the Pacific Northwest.

I had pinned this guy on my grass stains & bruises board a while ago and thought our family would have a lot of fun with one of these so why wouldn’t his friends have fun with one, too!?!  Ash gave me the thumbs up so it was project time!

I pulled 3 scraps of 2x4s (1 for each of his friends and 1 for us to keep) out of the neighbors burn box. I had actually spied his collection of 2×4 off cuts one evening while we were over for a BBQ and knew that I’d be back to get some of those scraps for projects soon. Micah stopped on his way home to picked up some ping pong balls and golf tees for me. Add a little spray paint and I was all set!

Next, drill some holes. I chose to do 5 because it fit well on my pieces of wood and I like having one target in the center. After that I ran a sander over all sides of the wood to prep it for paint.

Spray paint the wood, I used Rust-oleum satin in Lagoon. Then to make it a gift put the ping pong balls and the tees in a bag and tie with a ribbon.

A wine gift bag is the perfect height and size for the wood piece. I slid the tag onto the ribbon on the bag of balls and tees then tied the ribbon to the gift bag handle.

I knew that if the boys opened the gift without an explanation of what it was they might think we gave them a bag of random so I created a gift tag that explained what to do with everything. Fingers crossed they like theirs as much as we like ours.

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