mother’s day 2013

Sometimes my boys do things that completely melts my heart. On Mother’s Day Ash melted my heart with a big silver heart necklace. Micah took him shopping on Saturday at this totally cute local shop called Birches Habitat. (If you’re in North Bend, WA ever you gotta check it out!) Ash found this heart necklace and looked up at Micah with his big blue eyes and said, “This necklace says love!”
Micah wasn’t sure that it was really my style and tried to show him several things but he was insistent that he get me that necklace. I wish you could have seen the pride and excitement in his face when he gave me the box with the necklace inside. I opened it and said, “Oh wow!” He giggled with joy and told me that I would look like a beautiful princess in it. I of course couldn’t wait to look like a beautiful princess so I put it on when I got dressed for the day.
When I walked out into the living room Ash was thrilled that I was sporting my new necklace. The way he looked at me with such love and a sigh to tell me how beautiful I looked melted my heart and still makes me tear up when I think about it. Is it possible for your heart to explode with love for your kids!?!
I hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day and that your kiddos melted your heart a little, too!


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