last minute gift idea for mom or teacher

Tomorrow is the last day of teacher appreciation and Sunday is Mother’s Day. If you are in shock right now this is a gift idea for you!

Run to your local hardware store and grab a plant. Make sure it’s healthy but that the soil is on the dry side. You do not want any moisture on the bottom of your container.

If you are stopping by the hardware store on your way to school or to see your mom then bring this lunch sack in the car with you. I simply cut it down about three inches and then rolled the edges down twice. If you have a tag bring that too! Possible things to write on the tag: You really helped me grow this year! I really blossomed with you as my teacher! You can adapt these for your mom, but if you are the type that is running to the store on the way I’m sure they aren’t expecting a tag.

Pop your plant into the bag and there you go! I think this is super cute and it doesn’t scream Last Minute Lucy! It says thoughtful and sweet.


Here are the ones Ash is bringing to his teachers today. He goes to a farm school so I thought these country fair ribbons would be a fun, farm-ish touch.


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