easy flag bunting

I’m feeling the need to bust out some red, white, & blue this week for Memorial Day. I had pinned a burlap bunting to make but guess what I didn’t have any burlap so I got a little creative…

I did have a cardboard box that was going to be recycled, some paint, white craft paper, and twine.

I cut out eight triangles to make my bunting. I figured I could pop off the blue and stars if I wanted a nautical look and five red and white stripes would still make a good bunting.

For the stripes I measured out each stripe to be one inch wide. I painted both the red and white stripes on five of my triangles. The other three were painted solid blue.

After everyone was dry, I punched some holes in the top. I drew some wonky little stars on the clean parts of the craft paper I used to protect my counters from the paint and cut them out. To stick them on I just used a glue stick. Nothing fancy, but it worked!

String them all together and you have yourself a festive flag bunting for nothing! Perfect for Memorial Day and later this summer the 4th of July! This project is SO easy it would be a great kiddo craft!

Pop over to my festive page to see where I linked up!


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