countdown to summer clipboard

Last month my friend, Andrea, hosted a Crafty Hour at her house we all had so much fun we decided to do it again this month! I suggested we make this countdown to summer clipboard from eighteen25.

A couple of weeks ago Laurel and I got together and painted the clipboards for everyone. We all fell in love with this Ocean Breeze color but to mix it up a bit I painted mine a bright and sunny yellow. I actually really wanted to paint mine pink like one of the ones of eighteen25 but I figured that my house full of boys wouldn’t be nearly as excited about the pink as I was.

On craft night, I brought my Cameo to cut out the bike, banner, and words. We basically did everything just the way their tutorial says to, however, I did switch up the fonts (more days till is KG Love You Through It & Summer is Bebas Neue).

Here is Megan, Laurel, and Kelly (Andrea had to sneak out early) with their clipboards. They were wet with Mod Podge and needed to dry before clipping their numbers on.

For the actual countdown number cards I downloaded the ones right in the tutorial and printed them off on resume paper because that was the closest thing I had to thick white paper besides card stock. After careful consideration, I decided that the first little boy hand that switched the numbers would surely leave a mark on the white paper leaving me sad and printing out another set so laminating the cards was a must for me.

I used my Scotch Laminator and I have to say that I love it! It was one of those things that I wasn’t sure how much I would really use it but now that I have it I have used it quite a bit. (This is especially nice if you’re making flashcards or dry erase sheets for handwriting practice.) I’m pretty sure you can get these at Office Depot, Staples, and Amazon.

While I’m talking about tools that I adore, my paper cutter that I got from Office Depot is one of my faves! I used to use a paper cutter at school all the time but never had one at home. I had one of those slide cutters at home and it worked mostly fine but I was constantly changing the blades so when I spied this bad boy at Office Depot for $14 and thought for that price it was worth a try! I have used this a million times and LOVE it!

Back to the clipboards…at home I tied some blue ribbon into a little bow and hot glued it on the bike and ta da it’s done! Check that off my project to do list!


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    I want one!! This is so fun! I would use this for summer, for vacations, for parties, great idea…btw, love all your fun tools! It must make projects so easy, having everything at your fingertips!

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