chalkboard sandwich board

When I told my husband how much I wanted to make a chalkboard sandwich board he looked at me a little funny. He thought I was talking about one to wear. Ummm…not really my style honey! Although, even after I explained what I wanted he still didn’t quite get it. I’m not sure why I wanted one so badly, I just think I’m going to love having one and I’m already dreaming up ways to use it!

Even though Micah didn’t see my vision at first, he’s super supportive of all my projects and was happy to look for the perfect pieces of wood for me. He wasn’t able to find any scraps that would fit the bill so he asked a friend. Lucky me Seth had just the scraps! Two 2″x2″ sheets of prefinished plywood. *You need super smooth wood for a chalkboard.

First thing we did was talk design. I wanted rounded corners at the top and feet at the bottom. Micah grabbed a straight edge and hole cutter drill bit to use as a template for the rounded corners but you could use a bowl or basically anything that was round and the right size.

Next cut the wood with a jig saw following your lines.

I used the first cut board as a template and traced my lines with a pencil so they would be exactly the same.

Because my plywood was prefinished I basically just needed to smooth out the edges and rough up the surface to give the chalkboard paint something to grab onto. After I was done sanding I blew the dust off with our air compressor and then wiped it down with a rag.

I took two hinges and drilled them onto the sandwich board. Love this drill! It’s so light weight and fits nicely in my hand.

At this point I got really excited! How cute is this!?! Micah liked it, too!

I took the hinges off and spray painted the edges and what would be the inside of my sandwich board aqua. Love the color, don’t you!?! I only did one coat of paint and I wish I would have done two. Always do two. It just comes out better even if you think you only need one.

After that was dry I flipped it over and started painting super thin coats of chalkboard paint.

I did 5 coats, letting the paint fully dry in between coats, alternating the direction I painted (horizontal, dry, vertical, dry, repeat). I didn’t want to have a bunch of ridges in my paint and switching up the direction gives a nice smooth, subtle linen look.

After the last coat of chalkboard was dry, it was time to season my board. I seasoned it the same way I painted, vertical strokes then horizontal strokes just to make sure I got chalk in every nook and cranny.

All seasoned up!

I wiped it down in circular motions to really work in that chalk dust.

I put the hinges back on and she was all ready to go! Seriously, loving the pop of aqua in the middle.

Ta da! Sandwich board cuteness! I’m thinking this will be the perfect place to advertise the boys’ lemonade stand this weekend!



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