101 awesome ideas for boys this summer

Coming up with ideas to keep my boys entertained in the summer can be tough so I teamed up with some other boy mamas Ariean from Onekriegerchick and Lauren from Elle Elyse to create a huge summer bucket list for boys! No girlie ideas here! (Although these ideas are so good even the girls are guaranteed a good time! Shhh! Don’t tell the boys!)
1. Homemade Huge bubbles 2. Get Ice cream cones somewhere new 3. Water fight…balloons or water guns 4. Camping 5. Boys only camping trip 6. Ping Pong Target Practice 7. Lemonade Stand 8. Fire pit & s’mores 9. Picnic lunch 10. Banana splits for dinner 11. Outdoor Movie 12. BBQ with friends 13. Strawberry Picking 14. Smoothies for dinner 15. Play at the park 16. Soccer Camp 17. Swim lessons 18. Go to the river 19. Sponge balls 20. Zoo Trip 21. Sleep in the tree house 22. Homemade ice cream 23. Farmers Market 24. Watch Fireworks 25. Play scoop ball 26. Library summer reading program 27. Go to a car show 28. Trip to ocean 29. Go to the Lake 30. Glow stick dance party 31. Hiking 32. Make Popsicles 33. Lazy Day watch movies in pj’s 34. Nana Takes Over Day! (Mama gets kicked out & Nana takes over) 35. Blueberry Picking 36. Make ice cream in a bag 37. Fill the trampoline with balloons & jump like popcorn 38. Flashlight tag 39. Collect lightning bugs 40. Backwards Day –Have dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner, eat dessert before lunch (backwards pj’s) 42. Hold a bike/ride-on vehicle “car” wash 43. Play dominoes 44. Hold a bike/big wheel race 45. Hide animals in a giant block of ice and chisel out 46. Mud race (race bikes through mud or go to a Mud race) 47. Catch frogs 48. Roller skating 49. Family game night 50. Family movie night 51. Build your own Pizza Bar 52. Visit festivals in surrounding towns 53. Use binoculars 54. Build with Legos 55. Visit a farm 56. Decorate a container for all your summer treasures 57. Make cookies and visit a nursing home 58. Create a Hot Wheels obstacle course 59. Visit the fire station 60. Tie-dye t-shirts 61. Frog Jumping Contest 62. Have a Weinie roast in the yard 63. Go to a new pool 64. Go to a water park or spray ground 65. Have breakfast at a restaurant and play in the play land 66. Make “unpoppable” bubbles 67. Have a science day 68. Make sidewalk chalk paint & paint outside 69. Create a sandpaper iron-on t-shirt 70. Make bubble bath paint 71. Make pool noodle light sabers 72. Make moon sand & play outside 73. Turn bathwater to goo & back again 74. Swim at the beach 75. Go to the carnival 76. Go Bowling 77. Have a nature scavenger hunt 78. Have a cousin’s sleepover 79. Have a paint & play day 80. Have a water play day 81. Neighborhood Treasure Hunt 82. Nighttime walk (in pj’s) 83. Shrinky dinks 84. Church Vacation Bible school 84. Kids Choice Dinner (each child chooses their own) 85. Go out for Pizza 86. Fly a kite 87. Baseball game 88. Soccer game 89. Concert in the Park 90. Children’s museum 91. Pinterest crafts each week 92. Walk in the rain 93. Garden 94. Boating 95. Amusement Park 96. Have a Superhero day 97. Marshmallow gun fight 98. Build a blanket fort 99. Crazy hair day 100. Make Hobo pies in the firepit 101. Build marshmallow and toothpick towers
 Don’t forget to print this out so you can cross them off as your try them! 101 Awesome Ideas for Boys!


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    Love this list! Found you via the pin it party and I’ve pinned it. I have 5 boys that I can never seem to keep entertained. We will be stealing a few of these.

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