sleepover in seattle

I have a fabulous group of mommy friends that I met through my local Meetup Mom’s Group and we try to get away on a girl’s trip once a year. With 6 busy schedules to try to work around finding an entire weekend that we could all go away was next to impossible even months and months in advance so we decided to just make it a night. Who knew how energizing one night away could be!?!

Saturday morning, Micah brought me to Kelly’s house and was a total doll watching two of her boys while her husband was at swim lessons with the other two boys. Kelly and I hopped in her ride making the tour through their neighborhood picking up the other ladies. (They all live in the same neighborhood which makes me super jelly!)

We drove to George Town to the Trailer Park Mall, which is a bunch of camp trailers turned antique stores, but only one was open on at 11:20 and they were all supposed to be open at 11. I don’t like that. Open when your sign says you will be open. Anyways, we didn’t hang around and didn’t get anything. I think Micah is secretly happy that it didn’t work out because he wants to go there with me.
Since our George Town trip was cut short we decided just to check into the hotel then get lunch. We stayed at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel in a fancy suite that our dear friend, Autumn, was able to score for us girls.
Our original plan was to have lunch on the patio at The Pink Door but the weather was gross really windy & rainy (shocking I know, in Seattle) so we just went to Palomino since it was closer to our shopping destination Pacific Place. *I highly recommend The Pink Door…it’s a very fun place to eat! It’s down a little alley right by Pike’s Place Market.

Any how, after lunch we went shopping and I picked a sweet little berry basket at Anthropologie. Kelly got the green and I got the turquoise because we both pinned this & we “needed” them. *Photo from

Jessica got this vase…isn’t it cute!?! *Photo from


After our shopping trip we headed back to the hotel to freshen up and go to RN74 for happy hour. RN74 has a very cool rustic industrial vibe. I can’t wait to take Micah there! I got my usual vodka soda with a lime but had the most amazing truffle oil popcorn. As Rachel Zoe would say, “OH. MY. GAWD!” (only in a constipated baby voice…not sure why she’s talking that way now, I miss the I die or bananas….but I digress.) It’s totally delish and now I see why Autumn was SO excited for me to try it! *We both {heart} some popcorn!
After happy hour we walked down the street to the CanCan (or should I say I did a sad little hobble because my shoes were not cobblestone friendly. What WAS I thinking!?! Seriously, not my first time in that area, I should have known better. Shame on me!) where we enjoyed dinner and the show. The show is part cheeky comedy, part dancing, and mostly a lot of fun. There are a few moments of burlesque type stuff but nothing I was uncomfortable with and I’m not a stripper kind of gal. Autumn arranged for Heidi to get pulled up on stage which was awesome. They made her dance around a bit and it was really fun! Note to Autumn I enjoyed Heidi being pulled up on the stage….not for me! *The top photo of us in from of the market sign is right outside of the CanCan.

 photo 40602201-70df-464d-82dd-615c2de42c75_zps1a474edc.jpg
After the CanCan we walked over to Marche’ for a nightcap and dessert. Our server took this picture and I l-o-v-e, love it!
Once we were done at Marche’ we cabbed it back to our hotel because Shelly did not plan well and wear the proper shoes. Here’s a little tip…if you are in the Pike Place Market area wear cute flats or boots. No heels, they will not be your friends. As soon as we reached our rooms it was time for jammie pants and a VERY late night chat! Ummm….like it was until 3 am! Having a suite was SO nice for this….Heidi went to bed early, Jessica & Kristin were able to lay in bed and listen, and Kelly, Autumn, and I sat on comfy couches and chairs chatting away. Had we been in separate rooms we just wouldn’t have had the conversation we had. It was an amazing conversation about our faiths, things we wrestle with between our faith and the world. It was really cool and the most amazing blessing of the entire weekend.
Ok…this is kind of embarrassing but it’s too funny not to tell. Kelly and I shared a king size bed and she had joked around about me not trying any funny business during the night. Well, early Sunday morning I woke up but not all the way and thought my baby boy, Kell, was in bed with me and was crying. So I reached over and patted his bottom. Only it was not his bottom, it was Kelly’s. She wasn’t sure what I was doing and pushed my hand away. I woke all the way up realizing what I had done and was SO embarrassed!!! Jessica made me feel a little better by telling me that she had heard an actual baby crying in the hall so maybe I heard it without fully registering it. I bet all the girls will be fighting over who gets to share a bed with me on the next trip hoping to get a little bottom pat. Ha!
Sunday morning, I was surprisingly refreshed even after such little sleep! We went to Café Campagne for brunch where I had a goat cheese and spinach omelet. I do love some goat cheese! We also finished off the weekend with some mimosas because they are just so fun!

 photo 5bcd3037-26df-4898-8662-0a706c1b91d9_zpsb05f5ad5.jpg
After the brunch we wandered around the market which is always fun.

 photo b658a351-4047-47e2-a0d6-a64c3e00b3a0_zps1c3baa6f.jpg
Seriously, how spring are these flowers!?!
The best part of the weekend was coming home to a happy husband and a clean house! Seriously, he cleaned the whole house and even did most of the laundry! I need to go away for a night more often!


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