sight word work: the

Ash came home with his first three sight words to work on last week: the, and, a. To kick off our practice, I made him a sight word caterpillar (thanks Kelly for the idea!) and have him point to the words and read them (in a different order each time so he doesn’t just memorize the order) daily. The word caterpillar is on the cabinets in our playroom/craft room just incase you were wondering.

Since we are having a sunny week here in the NW, I wanted to take our word work outside. I wrote the word ‘the’ on a strip of paper and we walked around the yard making ‘the’ sentences with real objects. He would put the word next to the object (ex. tree) and read, “The tree.” After he read each of his sentences I would take his picture next to the objects. *Your pictures DO NOT need to be amazing for this! In fact you’ll probably lose your kiddo if you spend too much time on your pictures. They don’t care how amazing the pictures are. They are just excited to run around and make their own sentences. I was literally running after Ash in the yard with Kell on my hip and my IPhone in hand.

The tree.

The tree house.

The grass.

The baby.

The bamboo.

The silly mommy.

The big brother.
Would could have done a million of these but we decided that since he was 5 he’d choose 5 of his favorite things outside for his ‘the’ photos but  then he switched it to 7 because he really wanted mommy to do a funny one and one with him being the big brother.

After we had our photos I put them all into a photo album on the computer. I open the album for him and put the pictures on slideshow. While the slideshow plays he reads his ‘the’ book. He loves it! We will be making photo books for his other sight words!


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