project prek: 100 lessons reading challenge UPDATE

Ash and I are quitters but we’re okay with it and honestly I think we are better off. The challenge started off with a positive attitude but then that faded away. The lessons were kind of boring and I had to do all of these crazy voices to keep him interested and even then I was totally making him do it.
We used to do fun projects, crafts, and games each day and all of a sudden when I suggested something Ash would look at my skeptically and ask if it was a learning activity. Ouch! I was killing the fun of learning with this silly need to complete a self-imposed challenge. So instead we switched preschools and we’re back to doing lots of fun projects, crafts, and games each day and enjoying our time together again.
I’m not bashing the book, it just wasn’t for us. Not everything is for everyone. So there you have it!

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