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A couple of weeks ago I took a little field trip to Ben Franklin to look for the perfect sized cardboard letter for my monogram moss wreath but they didn’t have one so I was forced to walk around and check out all the other cool things they had. Sometimes my life is SO hard! (Being totally sarcastic just incase you can’t tell.) I hardly ever get to go to Ben Franklin so it’s always a treat when I do. They always have these cute sample inspiration projects next to their craft items which I LOVE! Sometimes you look at something and think that’s so cute but I need to check my Pinterest boards to figure out what the heck I want to do with it and those inspiration projects can really help a girl out! Anyways, on this particular day I found this project next to the small clipboards. As soon as I saw it I wanted to make it plus it was an easy peasy project perfect for an upcoming girl’s craft night!
Things to get:
chalkboard paint
foam brushes
hooks for bottom of the board

*To create the rust look on the clips we used Americana paint in Fawn & Bittersweet Chocolate

I was a SUPER bad blogger and didn’t get the supply pics that I should have. I was REALLY excited for this craft night at Andrea’s and I figured at the last minute that I really should do all the chalkboard paint before hand so everyone could go home with a finished product. So I quick whipped out the chalkboard paint and did 6 or 7 (again bad blogger!) really THIN coats of chalkboard paint on the chalkboards.

At Andrea’s we mixed up some epoxy and attached our hooks on the bottoms of our boards.

Next we clipped some paper scraps to protect the board from the “rust” paint. We used foam brushes and painted the clips of our boards with craft paint. A little tip in creating this look…start with the dark color and then add the light. You don’t actually paint you dab with a little paint on your foam brush. You can always add more color but it’s more work to fix too much color.

We chatted it up which gave our paint a chance to dry then used a chalkboard pen to write a little something on the top. Here’s the girls with their clipboards. Aren’t they cute!?!
**I would highly recommend this project for a girl’s craft night. If the boards are pre-painted everyone can go home with a finished product and it’s SUPER simple so you can drink wine, laugh, and chat without worrying that you’re going to mess up your project.

Hello, no more lost keys & walking out the door forgetting things I need! I love mine and already found it very useful today! It’s U week at Ash’s school so he needed to bring an umbrella and I needed to remember to grab my roll of chicken wire to drop off at a friend’s house. (Everyone has a roll of chicken wire just lying around their house, right!?!)

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