may photo challenge

Micah has this amazing photo collage on the cupboards out in the garage it is the story of us and everyone that steps foot in our garage loves looking at it. It makes me want to be better at recording our story. I wish I was better at capturing everyday moments and am super impressed by people who start and complete their Project 365.  My goal is to start doing family yearbooks like eighteen25 does to capture the big events and the everyday stuff too. I know we’d love them to pieces! *If you did a family yearbook would you do it by the school year calendar or just the year? I go back and forth and I need to figure this out!
Each month The Idea Room posts a Photo-a-day Challenge and every month I look at it and think I should do that and never do. So this May I will complete the photo challenge and now I have to since I blogged about it. Sneaky aren’t I!?!
Here’s May’s Photo-a-day Challenge list…wanna do it with me!?!


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