liebster award part lll

To start off this is the cutest Liebster Award I’ve seen! I’m seriously loving it!! Simply Gloria nominated me so THANK YOU Gloria! You have to go check Simply Gloria out…she’s super cute! I’ve already listed my smaller blog favs here & here so for now I’m going to share my answers and I’ll be sure to share more fab smaller blogs as I find them!

11 Random Facts About Myself

1. I have an OPEN and CLOSED sign that hangs in my kitchen so when my boys are asking for snacks 5 mins after a meal I can point to the sign and say, “Kitchen’s CLOSED.” As if it’s out of my hands.
2. I would love to have Beach Cruiser pedal bike with a basket on the front.
3. I love learning new things and taking classes! I’ve been SO jealous of all the crafty retreats so many of my favorite bloggers have been going on. Oh the cool things I would learn! Someday I will go on one!
4. I love big fuzzy socks. I often pack a pair in the diaper bag to slip on when at friend’s houses.
5. White subway tile is the best!
6. I didn’t get the whole UGG thing when they 1st came out. Maybe it was the fact that they were often paired with jean mini skirts. I bought a pair of knockoffs when I was preggo and fell in love with them! I wore them everyday and with everything (not a jean mini skirt). I loved them SO much my husband treated me to a real pair last year and I adore them!
7. My Grandma used to say that she needed to do the worsh instead of wash for laundry. It makes me smile whenever I think of that…maybe I’ll say worsh when I’m a grandma, too!
8. My favorite cupcakes have a lot of frosting and only a little actual cake.
9. I surprised my husband with my mad scoop ball talent.
10. My toe nails are always painted.
11. I love the Real Housewives franchise. I watch them all!
{1}  Why did you start blogging?
I love reading about people’s lives, what they’re up to, what projects their working on, what kinds of things they do with their kids, etc. Since I love seeing what other people are up to I figured why not share what the Dolens are up to as well!?! It’s fun, too!
{2}  If your blog was a soundtrack, what would your title song be?
I don’t know…this is a super hard question! I feel like it would be ever changing…
{3}  Who inspires you?
Most of the people in my life inspire me in one way or another. Some to grow closer to God, some to be a better person, some to be more fun, some to be more organized….the list goes on and on!
{4}  How would you describe yourself in one word?
CRAZY (in a good way or at least I hope in a good way)
{5}  Who would you like to play in the movie of your life?
Jennifer Garner…she seems so down to earth, approachable, and like she’s actually a nice person off camera, too.
{6}  What are you most passionate about?
My faith, family, & friends.
{7}  What is one thing you want to accomplish in your lifetime?
Raising good, Christian men.
{8}  What is your biggest pet peeve?
Being mean just to be mean.
{9}  What is the farthest you’ve ever traveled?
{10}  What is your favorite hobby?
Being crafty with my projects
{11}  What is your proudest moment?
Seeing my kids being awesome. Saying something sweet to someone unprompted, please & thank yous, holding doors, being kind even when kindness hasn’t been given to them.


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    Shelly, I love getting to know about you even more! I’m the same way with big fuzzy socks…I have an extra pair in my truck!– We actually have a lot of things in common…our feet, too! Thank you for accepting my nomination for you…and taking the time to do this (for the 3rd time!). I love how you write and everything you post! You are just fabulous and You ROCK!

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