insta-friday #9

I missed a week so I need to catch up…Last Tues we had a nice sunny day so we met some friends at the park.

Here’s Kell with his bestie, Cole. They both enjoy eating woodchips at the park. Park trips are going to be crazy now! Watching for woodchips and skinned knees. Fingers crossed he walks soon!

On Wednesday we celebrated Kell’s 1st Birthday {Adjusted Age} so now he’s fully a one year old! Daddy surprised us all with a pizza car party! He stopped off after work and picked up a crown, checkered flag plates & napkins, and banner, as well as little car favors for all the boys. It filled my love tank! This isn’t something Micah would normally do. We’re planning to do a BIG celebration this summer once the cold & flu season is really over and we can be outside.

Saturday morning Ash and I dropped Gray off at a kids Christian conference called, Nitro. (He loved it & wants to go next year.) Ash was heart broken that he couldn’t go too, so we went on a little coffee date to cheer him up. This is his serious chocolate milk drinking face that he wanted a picture of. Notice the nice long scratch on the side of his face. Ash has this funny little quirk when he gets hurt. He shuts that part of his body down. If it’s on his hand he closes his hand until it heals, no joke. When he was little we used to sneak into his room to try to open his hand to check on his wound but he would have it closed so tight we couldn’t get it open. He spent the day this happened with his hand over his face until he deemed it healed enough. At least his idea of recovery time is getting shorter.

We had a monster picnic on Monday we had to eat like monsters and growl with every bite. I love this little monster.

Tuesday he went to a friend’s house while Kell and I went to visit a photographer friend, Michelle. Tate & Ash play scuba divers so that’s not an astronaut you see.

Kell was ‘The baby.’ in Ash’s the photo book. Is it just me or does he not look so adorable in his GAP baseball t!?!

Hope you have a fabulous Friday!!!

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