earth day art: pan stamping

Earth Day is coming up and what better way to pay homage to Earth Day than with a little earth art!?! I love using baking pans as large stamps when painting with kids. It’s such a fun to way to mix it up!

Here’s what you need: a round pan with a blank, flat bottom; white construction paper; yellow & blue tempera paint (it’s a fabulous opportunity to practice mixing colors!); a paint brush; and some water to wash the brush in between colors. *You’ll also need a plate to mix the colors on.

Paint the bottom of the pan to with generous amounts of paint to look like the earth.

Flip the pan over on your paper and press, press, press.

Peel the paper off the pan and you’re left with a fabulous earth print!

There are so many cute things you can do with pan stamping! Hope your kiddos love it as much as mine do!

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