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Sometimes you get to do things that are life giving and it’s amazing! Today, was one of those days for me. As many know, our youngest spent 4 months in the NICU after being born at 25 weeks. It was the hardest 4 months of my life, but I made it through with a stronger faith, a stronger bond with all three of my beautiful boys, and something to look forward to in Heaven one day…my sweet Sky. Sadly, there are babies in the NICU everyday and that means mamas sitting by their sides.
I’m apart of a mom’s group and each quarter we choose a charity to support. This quarter we put together sunshine baskets for the moms in the NICU. I was amazed at the amount of things this group of women donated. The baskets were overflowing with socks, lotion, snacks, candy, lip balm, etc. Seeing their generosity towards women they didn’t know made my heart sing!

This morning, I dropped Ash off at school and Kell off at my friend, Kelly’s house and made a trip to the NICU with my car filled to the brim with baskets and these Starbucks Ready Brewers one of the mom’s scored for free!

While at the NICU I ran into my twin specialist, Dr. Martin Walker, which was SO fun! I haven’t seen him in almost a year! I also got to see some of my favorite nurses and give them updates on our Kell (we were there so long everyone had him and so he became everyone’s baby). I also got to meet a couple with a sweet little angel who was born at 26 weeks and was able to show them pictures of Kell to give them hope for the future and have an understanding ear for the rollercoaster ride they are on now. It was such a gift to meet them and be able to bring them some sunshine today!

I hope you find something life giving to you!


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