insta-friday #6

This little face melts my heart.

Micah loves cars and has high hopes that one of our boys will be a little gear head. To increase the odds he has Kell watch his car shows with him. They are adorable!

We registered Ash for kindergarten this week. This is Ash’s 1st kindergarten assignment, a self-portrait. He carefully counted out each finger. I love his wonky little drawing, It makes me tear up! It’s been an emotional week for me. I am not ready for Ash to go to kindergarten next year. This is weird for me because I love kindergarten. It’s such a magical time for a kiddo and I was so excited for Gray to go and have his kindergarten adventures. I’ve been a bit of an anxiety mess this week so Micah took me out for a little impromptu date to try to chill me out. We figured out that I feel like there should be one more year because I missed out on so much last year. I was so sick with the twins and spent the first part of the year perfecting stealth vomiting and then we spent 115 days in the NICU with Kell. Like so much in life there is nothing I can do about it so I need buck up and move on.
Ash is 5 not 4 and next year will be amazing. I can volunteer in his classroom and be apart of his adventure even more that I was able to when Gray went. I worked full time then had Ash during Gray’s kindergarten year. When Ash was only 10 days old and I couldn’t stay at an event another mom told me, “It can’t always be about the baby.” I wanted to punch her in the face and still do. It’s been five years but obviously that stuck with me. Seriously, ladies let’s be nice to each other! Every mama is doing her best so let’s give each other a break! Anyways…it’s been an emotional week. I promise not to punch anyone!

life rearranged

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