dolen house of fashion: wkww #5

This morning was a little hectic. Ash had to be to school early to go on his trip to the aquarium and Kell was going to get his synergist shots (which are super painful and he gets two so it’s awful! & mama gets a tummy ache because she hates seeing her baby hurt!) so he needed to be packed up & ready to go. Shouldn’t have been a big deal, but no one really wanted to get ready this morning so “mad mommy” came out and had to use scary tone to get everyone back on track leaving just a couple seconds to take some blurry shots of what the kids were wearing. As I think about it now…do I really want to cherish the memory of the morning that I was “mad mommy”!?! Maybe when I’m all empty nested and sad this will help me remember that everyday wasn’t a bowl full of cherries.
Kell is wearing a guitar pick rock longsleeve t-shirt from Target (another super cheap score from the clearance section $1.50- $1.80 not sure but cheap! Love it!!), fleece black pants from Carters, black socks from Children’s Place, & that black sweatshirt jacket thing with the black & grey stripes from the clearance section at Target.
Ash is wearing a cool skull sweatshirt his Auntie Kylah got him, a charcoal Shaun White guitar t-shirt, black Shaun White skinny cords, and his fireman rain boots. He is SUPER pumped about the aquarium!

Gray: H&M zip-up hoodie, Shaun White grey skinny cords, DC shoes (how big are his feet!?! Oh my gosh he’s going to be tall!), bright yellow t-shirt, and long still needs a haircut hair.

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