dolen house of fashion: wkww #4

More Shaun White looks! Shocking, I know but we love Shaun White at Target!

Gray: Shaun White polo, black twill skinny pants, Converse black high tops, and some seriously shaggy hair. It doesn’t look that bad in this pic, but it’s bad. He’s actually talking about cutting it! For those of you that do not know Gray this is HUGE! A couple of years ago, his baseball team offered to pay him $200 to shave his head. He didn’t want to so he turned down the money. Micah and I had mixed emotions…$200 in his savings account would have been amazeballs and his hair would grow back, but the fact that he didn’t fold to peer pressure was amazeballs in itself. Let’s just hope that stays true over the coming years!

Ash: fern green long sleeve t-shirt from Old Navy (another one of Gray’s hand-me-downs), Shaun White skateboard t-shirt, grey washed Shaun White skinny jeans, fireman rainboots, and that’s Kiki covering them. Kiki had to be in the picture because she would be sad if she wasn’t or so Ash explained to me. Kiki is Ash’s beloved blanket. He’s had it since he was a baby and sometimes Kiki is a boy and sometimes a girl. It all depends on his mood. Now for the gross part, he sucks on it. Kell is now doing that to blankets and we’re worried about what we’ve done to our kids to make them want to suck on blankets. It just doesn’t appeal! Micah and I were both thumb suckers so I guess it’s not too far off.

Kell: Target long-sleeve thermal shirt (I got this for under $2 on clearance! I can’t remember if it was $1.50 or 1.80 but it was an amazing price so who really cares about those 30 cents!?!) & Shaun White sweats. He’s been a little goof ball this morning rolling around making all kinds of funny noises. He’s not wearing socks so he can motor around better. Socks = face plant.

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