carrot box for bunny money

A couple of years ago I started seeing these paper carrots all over so I whipped up a couple for my boys. They looked so cute and I wanted to put them in their baskets…but what to put in them!?! I didn’t want to go the candy route because let’s face it there will be plenty of candy. I didn’t think I t-shirt would really fit or even a pair of socks….oooh but money would fit! A little bunny money, now that would be fun! If your kiddos are anything like mine they love having their own money to spend on all of those little things that mom and dad say no to.
When I originally shared this idea on my old blog I didn’t take pictures of the process but they are pretty easy to make. You make a triangle box like the template here then cut and tape green paper strips to the top of the box (I taped mine on one side of the top…two sides fold down into each other). The tag is simply some bunny clip art with a label I typed up, printed on white paper, and cut out in an oval, mounted on an oval of sky blue paper to give a little color pop off the orange carrot.

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