what kids wore wednesday #1

I saw What Kids Wore Wednesday on ONE little MOMMA and thought it was a fabulous way to chronicle the Dolen boy style. Gray & Ash both have their ideas about fashion and are VERY verbal over what is cool. What fun it will be to look back and see how their style has evolved over the years!

Gray has on his Shawn White electric blue skinny jeans; grey, red, & black Quicksilver t-shirt; Shawn White zip-up hoodie; & black high-top Converse sneakers.

Don’t you just love Ash’s “fashion pose”!?! Ash has on Shawn White grey washed skinny jeans, bright turquoise thermal long-sleeve shirt, skull zip-up hoodie, and of course his fireman rain boots.

Kell has on an electric blue robot shirt that was actually Ash’s and grey sweats. He’s not wearing socks or shoes because he needs to traction of bare feet for motoring himself around. *Fingers crossed for crawling soon!

I just realized that they are all wearing blue today!!


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    Oh my goodness… 3 boys! I have 3 girls… wanna trade? lol Kell is sooo adorable. Lala (my littlest) would go nuts for his shirt, she loves robots. That’s pretty cool how the two older boys are aware of what’s hip. Gray and Ash… you guys rock! 😉

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      It would be fun to trade but we wouldn’t know what to do with what we got! Ha!
      I must say Kell is pretty cute, thank you! Maybe you could do a girlie robot shirt for Lala. That could be very cool!!!
      Gray & Ash are both grinning ear to ear hearing that you think they rock. Ash even did a little booty shake for ya!

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    They all have great style already! I love reading about other momma’s with three boys so I am glad you stopped by. I already love looking back at the photos I have taken almost weekly of my boys for this party over the last year. You really can see how they grow and change!


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