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Last year Kell was in the NICU from Jan. 5th – April 27th. I actually was admitted to the hospital on Dec. 28th so we celebrated quite a few holidays at Evergreen Hospital. On Valentines Day, I walked into Kell’s room to find a Valentine treat bag for me from a former NICU mama. I didn’t know her and she didn’t know me. She just has an amazing heart and wanted to give the families who were spending their Valentines Day in the NICU a little love. It added so much sunshine to my day and I wanted to do the same for those that will be there this year. I saw this super easy peasy bunting at Simple As That and decided to make them for the NICU families. I did tweak it a bit from the original, instead of just hearts I wanted the word LOVE spelled out.
Evergreen has 30 NICU rooms so I needed to make 30 (fingers crossed they don’t need all 30! In fact, wouldn’t it be awesome if they didn’t need any at all!?!) and while this is a simple project 30 is quite a lot to put together. I decided the best way to accomplish this would be hosting a Crafty Hour with wine, apps, & of course this craft!
We actually got quite a bit accomplished and had I not had 3 children to take care of all week I could have finished them the next day.
Here’s how to make them although I think you can look at the picture and figure out what I did.

Rip off the cover of the book and pull the pages apart, & cut them to a uniform size. (Mine were 5″ wide). *I used only pages of full print because I think it’s prettier.

Fold your page in 1/2 and diagonally snip so you cut a triangle out of the bottom.

I hole punched the tops of the pages. I wasn’t super particular with this part mostly because my hole punch was being a bit of a pill and I was just happy to have them punched. I used my Silhouette to cut hearts & the letters L,O,V, & E. Then I glued them each on a page.

Once they were all glued on I strung them onto a piece of twine. See easy peasy!!!

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