today we have loved for 15 years

Fifteen years ago today, Micah and I went out on our 1st date. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I thought he was a total sweetie but was thinking this would be just a fun, friend hangout time. We were seniors in high school and he wasn’t sure he could find my house so I met him in the Snoqualmie Market parking lot. When I arrived at the market in my white ’89 Acura Integra, he got out of his lifted blue Toyota truck to open the passenger door for me. *Score one for Dolen!
We went to a movie, The Wedding Singer, and had such a great time! *He paid and I know some may find it to be old fashion but my boys better open doors, stand for their lady when they return to the table, and pay for the whole date! Anyways, this was another major point for Dolen.
He made me laugh, was genuinely a good guy, and I couldn’t wait to hangout with him more! So we did, A LOT!  It was the beginning of an amazing adventure with so many twists and turns that I could have never predicted! I can’t believe we have been together for 15 years! Wowsers!


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    Wait?!? Snoqualmie market, as in Washington? I knew we were met to be friends in real life! I grew up in WA (Navy dad), Port Orchard and went to CWU until moving to SoCal with my (a the time Navy) hubby. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss it, but our life is here now. I go back at least every summer to visit my parents and my brothers family.

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      Yep, I’m a Washington girl! Wanna really blow your mind!?! I went to CWU, too! Only, I did their west side branch campus so I could work fulltime & pay for school without a bunch of debt. Plus, I had connections to real classrooms for all of my school projects. Angela, we’re practically at braiding each other’s hair status right now!

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    Cute post- first off, I not only love the chalkboard, but also what you wrote on it. I’ve never thought to figure out the days instead of the years we’ve been together.
    Loved reading your story:)

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      Thank you! There are a zillion sites that will calculate the weeks, days, minutes, even seconds from one date until another. It’s so fun seeing the time in different intervals!

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