project preK: making books

Whenever you ask a teacher what is the number one thing you can do with your child to prepare them for school or make them super smart the answer is always READ, READ, READ! READ to your child, READ with your child, and have your child READ to you!
One way to have a child be able to read to you is by having them write their own books. When Ash and I do this, I write all the words and he illustrates each page. During the brainstorming process for each book help your child pair down to just the basics because unless they are already traditional word readers the book needs to be simple enough for them to remember. Every story has a beginning, a middle, & an end. When we are writing books Ash often wants to start a whole new story within the story he’s already working on. When this happens I praise the idea (because they are always VERY creative!) suggest that we use it for our next story and then say something like, “Back to this story how, will it end?” His feelings don’t get hurt and we’ve got the beginning to his next book.

Today’s story is:
There were two aliens who were stealing one sheep.
There was a brave knight who slayed the aliens and saved the sheep.
He brought the sheep to the princess. The princess gave him a trophy.
The knight and the princess married each other.

*Making a book is easy-peasy simply fold paper in 1/2 & staple it down the side. We like to use a piece of construction paper for the cover and lined paper for the pages. I got my lined paper at a local teaching supply store, but you can find tablets like this at most stores that sell preschool workbooks.

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