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Laundry….the bane of many a mama’s existence. I’ve always struggled with how to get a quick turn around with laundry. It seemed like I was always behind washing it & putting it away, there was always a mountain of laundry one dirty & one clean, and someone was always sad because the thing they wanted to wear was on the bottom of the dirty pile or they couldn’t find it in the clean pile. I was chatting about the “laundry issue” with my girlfriend, Kelly, and she shared her laundry system with me. She has a separate basket for each child and does their laundry separately.  *Kelly is an awesome girl who has four boys and a wicked sense of humor. I basically adore her.*
Honestly, when she told me about her system I thought…eh not really sure that would help. I was stupidly wrong because her method has rocked my world! All three of my boys now have their own laundry baskets and I do their laundry separately. I even bought the boys black socks so I could do all their laundry in one shot. Not to mention that I save a ton on socks because I don’t need to constantly buy new ones to replace the once were white but now are a nasty brown/grey on the bottom socks. If I do Gray’s laundry (he’s been learning how to do it himself but sometimes I treat him to a free laundry day) I just put his pile of clean laundry on the floor in his room and he takes care of it from there. Easy peasy. On occasion I will go the extra mile and hang up his shirts, hoodies, and pants, but mostly I don’t. Bad mommy?

This is how the hallway looks on Ash’s laundry day. Straight from the dryer, I sort everything (left to right) empty hangers, shirts right side out & ready to hang, folded jammies, underwear, & socks. Doesn’t this child wear pants!?! Yes, he does but I hang those and his hoodies for him. He says the pants and hoodies are hard to do and honestly the kid is five and I’m just happy his does this much. Once all the shirts are on the hangers, I hang them up because Ash isn’t tall enough to reach.

This is what Ash’s side of the closet looks like. Laundry basket on the floor to collect his and only his dirty clothes. Shirts & hoodies on the top with pants and his rain jacket on the bottom. This set up has really worked for us. (Gray’s looks the same on his side only he has a purple laundry basket.)

Ash & Gray share a room and there isn’t room for dressers so each of the boys have a cubby like this with 3 bins and an extra open spot for hats. (The bins came in a set of 6 not 8, bummer!) Ash puts away his socks, underwear, jammies, and shorts. I used to match his socks but he’d pull them apart anyways so he just has a pile of them in the front of the bin. Sometimes he’s creative and wears mismatched socks (for Christmas he got some colorful socks and recently he got a set of Angry Bird socks so he’s got some options to mix it up, but none of them are white!) but most of the time he actually does a decent job of matching his socks when he gets dressed.

Now on to Kell’s….

These two baskets are parked at the foot of Kell’s crib. We originally got these at IKEA for something else but they didn’t work out so now they are laundry baskets. One would be large enough for his clothes but we go through a lot of blankets through out the week so we use two.

All Kell’s stuff gets tossed on the bed in his room straight from the dryer. I sort the stuff that needs to be hung out on the bed (shirts, hoodies, & jackets) and then fold the rest. The bed, closet, and dresser create a perfect work triangle.

Closet at the end of the bed.

Dresser next to the closet. Oooh and there is the orange ball we were missing!

We have a white laundry basket in our room that all the whites go in. We only have white bath towels, washcloths, and bath mats. So when the boys use a towel or washcloth they bring it into our room. I typically do whites on Wednesday because they both begin with a w and it makes me feel happy when I team the w’s up. Kitchen towels, bedding, and everything else goes in the other laundry basket in our room along with our clothes.
So there you have it, a seriously life changing laundry system. Give it a whirl and let me know what ya think! Or if you have any other tips & tricks I’d love to hear those, too!

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