On Tuesday, Keller had his first post NICU eye exam. He looked adorable with his eye patch & did a fabulous job during both parts of the exam. His eyes look great & he doesn’t have to go back until he’s 4.

While Micah, Keller, & I were at the eye doctor Nana was hanging out with Asher. She was the mystery reader at his preschool. (The kids are given clues as to who the mystery reader is & they try to guess.) Nana read a book called, “Snow Friends” and brought white glitter play dough snowballs for all the kids.
After preschool, they went to the grocery store where Ash took Nana on a shopping adventure with his “list”. Basically, he made her walk up & down each isle putting food in the cart that I never buy telling her it was on his list. She got a total kick out of it & bought everything on his list. Yes, that’s beer in the picture but that’s for daddy because he likes to have beer when he watches football. He also got Gray his own box of Angry Bird graham crackers & Kell two jars of baby food. He wanted to swing by Starbucks to get me a coffee because that’s all I like.  Gotta love him!
When they got home he announced that it was the best day ever. Well done, Nana!
*Obviously, we won’t allow our children to chow down on all of this at once & that was NOT Nana’s intention. They are intended to be treats spread out over a long period of time. So please no food advice.

I worked on these all week for the families in the NICU at Evergreen Hospital. More on that later…


This morning Ash begged me to stay in my jammies, lay in my bed, & watch him play Angry Birds. Twist my arm!


Kell didn’t get up until after 10 this morning & he was a happy boy! He was up very late last night. Those darn teeth!


Happy Friday!

life rearranged

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