insta-friday #4

Muffin Man has some serious hair!

This is one of Kell’s favorite tricks! He’s starting to lift one leg while in this position.

We took my parents to the airport on Wednesday morning so the kids had breakfast in the car. On the way home we stopped by Traders Joe’s where the kids won suckers for finding the hidden zoo animal in the store. Ash created his own little slice of heaven on a stick!

I got brave the other evening and entered this contest. I just learned that the click counts start today so…
Not to be super annoying but I’d love it if you could hop over to East Coast Creative and click on my thumbnail (I’m #310 reclaimed wood choose happy sign) your click = one vote. So you & all your peeps can click away for me! Click counts start today! Anyways…back to our regular programing with Insta-Friday!

I’m organizing my mom’s group Charity of the Quarter so we are making Sunshine Baskets for the NICU. I’m SUPER excited about this! Some of the moms ordered things on Amazon and had them sent right to my door. Can’t wait to deliver these!

Happy Friday!
life rearranged


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