insta-friday #3

Micah went to a client dinner and they sent these home with all the men for their wives. How sweet is that!?! I have mine in our bathroom and I {heart} looking at it every morning!

This little muffin man was brought into our bed early and we all fell back to sleep. I was awoken by a little hand tugging my hair. Waking up to this smile is the best!

Our church has a room full of snacks and beverages for after the service. Micah told him he could pick whatever he wanted not knowing there were huge slices of cake available…not super car friendly but Ash was in heaven and how could he say no to a face like this!?!

Ash requested that I take a picture of his “fashion face”.


Game night! Chutes & Ladders.

Micah and I are taking a speech class to learn how to encourage Kell to communicate verbally more. It was our turn for snack and I don’t like letting a theme opportunity go by so I made speech bubble sugar cookies!
*FYI Kell is doing great with his communication. The class was free to us because we’re already doing other therapies with Kell so we jumped on the chance (by we I mean…I made Micah attend) to work on it before it was a problem. Early intervention is always best!*

On Valentines Day the big boys made me an Angry Bird couch. Ash informed me that it was to cuddle him & Kell on. Sounded good to me!

Cheerio Arm…this is the sort of shenanigans that create the mass Cheerio love all over the house!

These cupcakes were killing Ash all day! He knew that these were for the big boys after dinner but it’s SO hard to wait! He spent the day checking on them, smelling them, and begging to eat one.  He’s never eaten his dinner so fast! Finally after dinner it was time!

life rearranged


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