insta-friday #2

On Saturday, Gray made pancakes from scratch for brunch. He did a fabulous job and they were delish!

Micah and I also did a little project together. Well, we each had our parts…he made the wood frame while I created the stencil and painted the sentiment. I L-O-V-E, love the way it came out! I can’t wait to make another!!!

Sunday, we took these incredibly amazing pictures of ourselves. Such a good looking couple, don’t ya think!?!

Ash created Dino Man with dinosaur puppets on his hands and feet. Quite the imagination there.

Monday, I made Ice Bird Angry Bird valentines for Ash. I am thrilled with how they turned out!

Monday night, Ash fell asleep like this…we all thought he had to have been awake because who sleeps like this!?!

Ash requested an Angry Bird lunch on the way home from preschool on Tuesday. I came up with a cheese quesadilla with cucumber eyes, red bell pepper eye brows, and orange bell pepper beak. Ash was very pleased with my efforts which made me happy.

Kell is such a little love muffin and I can’t get enough of him! His skin is kind of dry so I Aquaphored his head and it made his hair stick to his forehead. He’s scooting himself backwards all over the place and often traps himself under chairs and tables. I know he really wants to go forward, but for now he sure is cute going backwards!

Happy Friday!
life rearranged


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