friendship bracelets

Friendship bracelets are back and have been for a few years now (well, at least around here). Gray has been on the receiving end of them but we haven’t really ever made them. Back in the day I used to be able to bust out a decent bracelet, but I have forgotten my tricks so like most things, I look to Pinterest.
I found this tutorial and this weekend we made our first bracelet. Here’s how we did it….
You’ll need: scissors, thin cardboard (we used an instant oatmeal box, it was the flaxseed kind from Trader Joes and was super yummy!), something round like a cup, ultra thin sharpie, a ruler, up to 7 colors of embroidery thread, and a piece of scotch tape.

Take your piece of cardboard and your cup and trace around it creating a circle.

Draw four lines that intersect in the middle of your circle. Draw a circle around the intersection of the 4 lines and you now how 8 smaller lines.

Measure out 1 1/2″ on each line and mark. Then cut to each mark leaving a 1 1/2″ slit at the end of each of the 8 lines.

Punch a hole in the middle of your circle. Make it big enough for a knot of embroidery thread to fit through.

Cut your embroidery thread to 24″ lengths.  Put your threads together to make one big thread and then tie it in a knot it together. Slide the knot through the hold in the center of your circle. The knot will be on the bottom side of your circle. Put a piece of tape to hold your knot in place at the start of your bracelet. Once your bracelet has some length on it you can chuck the tape and it’ll work just fine.

Arrange your threads so there is one thread in each slit. You will have one empty slit. Turn your circle so the empty slit is closest to your body.

*This is a little tip I’ve come up with to make it possible to set it down after you’ve started. I drew an arrow pointing the direction I was turning. If you say start the bracelet and then hand it off to your son who then turns it a different direction you’ll get a weird little blip in your bracelet. We have a few little blips because we all gave this method a whirl and I didn’t think of the arrow until it was back to me and I wasn’t sure which way to turn. This has become a quick I’m waiting for something project and it’s been picked up and put down a lot this weekend.

Count up 3 threads from the empty one and take the 3rd thread and put it down into the empty slit. Turn the circle so the then 3rd thread slit that is now empty is close to your body again then count up 3 put that thread in the empty slit, turn the circle, and repeat. Easy peasy!
I’m going to make about 6 of these circles and create a little kit for our camper. This seems like it would be a good “quiet other people are sleeping” in the camper activity.

linked: Get Your Craft On, Link & Learn


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