dolen house of fashion: wkww #3

Last night Kell developed some congestion so he didn’t sleep well which means I didn’t sleep well. We were up well past 1 am, but I’m always prepared for such events with a stocked DVR of trash TV. We watched Celebrity Wife Swap and it was a Kendra Wilkinson/Kate Gosselin swap. I am amazed at the organization that Kate has. Seriously, I’d love to just be a fly on the wall to see how she does it. Just the little glimpse we got was impressive. Totally controlling and I could never be that organized or regimented but still impressive. Anyways, Ash heard us up and joined us so he stayed up way too late, too. Today, he has a pretty nasty cough today so he stayed home from preschool and we’re having a jammie day.
Ash is wearing: a Shaun White t-shirt and dinosaur jammie pants that were Gray’s when he was 5.
Kell is wearing his new airplane jammies from Costco.
Mama is wearing black yoga pants, a grey t-shirt, a grey zip-up hoodie, white socks, and large dark circles under her eyes. It’s quite a look.
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