choose happy

Feb. 4th is not my favorite day or at least Feb 4, 2012 wasn’t. It was a gut wrenching day that will forever leave it’s mark upon the hearts of my family. Yesterday we went on a little hike in remembrance. It wasn’t sad, it was actually quite nice.
We remembered how faithful God is that he brought us through such a dark time; we remembered all of the people He put in our lives to support us in ways we can never repay; we remembered how blessed we are to have three of the cutest boys ever; we remembered that there are many marriages that do not survive the loss of a child and here we were happily together (95% of the time….Micah still leaves his contact solution on the bathroom counter everyday for me to put away & I get really grumpy and emotional when I’m super tired  I mean I’m perfect so he’d never complain about me.); we remembered that God gives us choices and we choose happy. It’s not the easiest choice, but it’s a good one. I hope you choose happy, too.


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