felt valentine envelope

I had seen the PB Kids valentines envelope many times but it wasn’t available for purchase for quite a long time. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t haven’t ordered it anyways because I could make my own for a fraction of the price. I googled it and found this tutorial on the Crafting Chicks that made it all look easy peasy. *No sewing, just hot gluing and a little bit of optional stitching on the front with embroidery floss. I think it adds a lot to the whole look and it was super quick & easy!* I had a bunch of red felt left over from another project but it wasn’t the stiff felt that they used so I didn’t make it right away. Why you ask!?! Simple answer because I’m crazy. Even though I had a ton of free red & white felt it wasn’t the “right” thing and it wouldn’t be “perfect” so I didn’t do. I’m always the first person to tell everyone else to just go for it (sometimes I like to say “go balls to the walls”…it makes me smile) but when it comes to my stuff I want it to be perfect and I know it won’t be so I don’t do it. Not on everything but enough for me to recognize that this is an issue for me.
One evening I was itching to do some sort of craft and I realized that it was silly not to try a project that I had everything-ish for just because it wouldn’t be perfect. So I whipped this guy out and the next morning my boys were so excited about it! To them it is perfect and they are really excited for the special plans I have for it. So I’m trying not to pick it apart, start over, and try again shooting for perfection. Anyways….
The plan is for our family to write little love notes to each other from Feb. 1st -14th. On a recent Target trip I had to boys pick out some cheapie valentines to write notes on. We came home with some mustache valentines and dollar set of rain forest animals cards.
Our envelope will hang in our hall for all to put their little notes in each day and at the dinner table each night we will get to read them. I can’t wait to see how this goes!

What are you doing for your families for valentines?


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